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Here’s a guide to a couple more of the best British music festivals. you can easily go five days without seeing a single one of the hundreds of bands.

Glastonbury Festival

What makes this hippie and mammoth of a festival special is the the comedy, cabaret,  literature and debating stages; the tens of gorgeously decorated tents that serve chai tea and massages; the children’s playground; the stilt-walkers and impromptu performances; the dystopian underworld that wakes up at night; the pleasure of filling yourself silly on food and chewy cider. It's definitely changed since 1970 when 1,500 people paid £1 to watch T-Rex and enjoyed a pint of milk – but veterans argue it's as cordial as ever.

Wedding at Glastonbury?

Although Glastonbury Festival cannot legally wed people, many people see it as a romantic location and will often propose there. Whether it’s the beautiful weather, or even the miserable weather, the feeling of happiness, or something else, we’re certain the music plays a key role.

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Music - festivals, bands, weddings - Wedding music

When music is an essential part of your life, it’s key to find the perfect song to complement your first dance as a newlywed couple. Our personal favourites for special moments like these are tunes that are just as individual as the couple that’s dancing to them. The best advice we can give is this: the first dance is one of those special moments where time doesn’t move and the spotlight shines bright. All eyes are on you, so absolutely anything goes when you’re pairing music to your moment. This is an amazing chance to spotlight any song that’s meaningful to the both of you as you take centre stage and one which can be captured on camera for memories which last a lifetime. Here are a several different ideas and examples to help you on the way.

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